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  • We are a team of Cyber Media since 1st May,2005 and operating two online newspapers and Through our online newspapers we always tried our level best to highlight the human sufferings and different problems of downtrodden people of our region. Unfortunately Pakistani people are deprived of their basic necessities since its independence . Due to lack of positive planning every segment of our life is deplorable Governments are doing their jobs with their own ways and where Governments cannot contribute the role of None Government Organizations (NGOs) becomes more vital . Some months ago we updated some news in our news papers about the life time ailing persons , one arms less boy and three girls students for help in their studies at college level. Our friends in abroad responded very painfully to help the needy persons and we delivered what we got from abroad through the platform of our news papers. After these events our some friends in abroad suggested us to get register a None Governmental Organization to help the needy people . This idea was placed before some kind hearted friends and after deep thoughts name of “MOTHER WELFARE FOUNDATION” was agreed upon to work for the people who are really deserving for the help in different problems of their lives . After completion of Paper work the case for the registration of Mother Welfare Foundation was submitted to Social Welfare Department Government of Punjab( Pakistan) . The concerned department after scrutiny of the file and keeping in view of our services for the local people of our region registered Mother Welfare Foundation on 7th September, 2011. Our hard working team decided to make an Information Technology centre at Gujar Khan to give free IT Education to Poor Youth , Government employees and Journalists . Our team worked day and night and just in twenty days Mother Foundation Information Technology Centre was inaugurated by Mr Ch Rab Nawaz Minhas Assistant Commissioner Gujar Khan on 27th September, 2011. Information Technology Centre is based at Jinnah Plaza near Imam Bargah Tehsil Road Gujar Khan City . Initially six latest computers were placed while the IT centre had the capacity of twenty one computers, Soon after the inauguration of IT centre the Present Chairman of Mother welfare Foundation Raja Irfan Shahzad Chohan moved to United Kingdom on 30th September,2011 where he organized community gatherings in different cities of United Kingdom. Overseas Pakistan community based at United Kingdom started donations for uplift of Mother Foundations Projects and IT centre was well equipped as needed with the donations of Overseas Pakistan Community. In 2012 a vocational centre to train poor ladies was established with 32 sewing Machines where the poor and needy ladies are getting training to earn their livelihood honorably. A beauty parlor and a ladies computer centre are also the part of vocational centre.

  • Eradication of Poverty with Employment (Rozgar) plan
    Poverty and unemployment are the major issues of Pakistan which generate Crime and Terrorism. Unemployed youngsters get trap very easily in the hands of Criminal and Terrorist Gangs due to which all the segments of life in Pakistan are in a deep stress. Team of Mother Foundation considered this issue very seriously and planned to start employment plan for the disabled and skilled people of the society as first priority . We placed this idea before the Pakistani community locally and internationally through our Ten years old online news Paper and community given very positive response to this idea. We started monthly membership with Pak Rs one Thousands only with a target of 50 members so that funds of Rs 50 thousands come in collection every month and with this money at least one project was supposed to be completed every month. In June 2015 we completed one Hair Cutting Shop at a small Town Daultala at the cost of Rs 40 thousands which is running very successfully . The owner of that shop has hired a helper on job also therefore with one project two families are getting financially comfortable. In July 2015 we provided three complete sets of sewing Machines (Chair, Table, Iron, Sewing Machine, Scissor, Tool kit) to a deaf and dumb girl and two widows. One Project of a Male Tailoring shop is in process . This is the moto of Mother welfare Foundation that if we give one employment in each month we will be able to reduce one beggar , one criminal or a terrorist. This has also been decided by the Management and the donors of Mother Welfare Foundation that the money invested on each Project is non refundable and quality of Project items shall not be compromised.

  • Education Stipends
    Mother welfare Foundation offers every year ten Secondary School passing students who fall in Grade A+ or Grade A for their college studies and pay Pak Rs 10 Thousands one time per year to each student to continue their studies .
  • Health care Financial Assistance
    Since 2011 this is a common practice of Mother Welfare Foundation to appeal for the Health Care Financial Assistance to the needy patients of serious diseases at our online news paper through which philanthropists living overseas send their donations for the health care of the needy patients. Through our media appeals in last four years we have donated Pak Rs 3.8 Million to the needy patients for their treatment
  • Minorities Welfare
    In Pakistan Christian community is a big minority and almost present in all the big cities of Pakistan. Their living and life is below the line of poverty . Mostly Christian community is working as sanitary workers in Municipal departments of the country. Their accommodations are very small with big families living in them. Basic necessities of life like water, sewerage, wash rooms are of terribly low standard. Christian community in small towns have no facilities of their own schooling and health care. Mother Welfare Foundation is planning to work out to reduce the problems of Christian Community as well.
    We wish the participation of Community of POTHWAR ,AZAD KASHMIR ,PAKISTAN and Philanthropists world vide irrespective of their personal interests what so ever to join us in the noble causes we are working for and see our work with care. 

Raja Irfan Shahzad Chohan
Cell&Whatsapp 0092 3135307560

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